East End Artist Brings Soul to the City

“I want to show that art has a voice or story that needs to be told—not an inherited value, mainstream-salability appeal or a matching decor furnishing,” says East End artist Eddie Rehm. “A piece should embody the soul—love it or hate it.”

Rehm is once again bearing parts of that soul in New York City for “A Collective Exhibition of Three Artists” at the Caelum Gallery in Chelsea.

“I’m really excited to show in the Caelum Gallery spring opening three-artist exhibition, or as I’m calling it, the ‘1 Plus 2 Plus Three Artist Exhibition,’” Rehm says. “Nicholas Bergman, the gallery owner, had approached me with this opportunity to exhibit and truly showcase my expressive raw work triggered by my artistic message, which received an overwhelmingly positive response last exhibit at the Caelum Gallery.

“This is a great chance to showcase my work in Chelsea again and for others to see it,” Rehm continues. “It will be interesting to see Natsuko Hattori’s and Holly Adams’ artwork with mine. It should make for a great, diverse exhibit. Their work exemplifies a fine astute composition of painting.”

As for his own approach, Rehm continues to tap into an emotional core—both his own and that of anyone taking in his work. “The belligerent industrial plasticity in the ‘Instant Gratification Abstract’ style I use for painting, along with a message as current as my amplifier turned up—with the raunchiest distortion pedal hooked up—conveys a four-on-the-floor dualistic reality of myself as loud and as clear as the first letter of clarity, C. And you will.” See, that is. See for yourself.

Caelum Gallery
508-526 West 26th St. Suite 315
New York, NY, 10002
Exhibition Dates
March 27, 2012 – April 14, 2012
Tuesday to Saturday:  11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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