Getting the Best Out of a Buying Event

Jewelry, watches, diamonds, gemstones… Selling such items once meant you’d likely bring them into a local jewelry store and hope for the best. Now it’s an event. Literally.

“At a Buying Event you can bring in a wide variety of items and have a team of experts properly evaluate your belongings and family treasures,” says an expert from Rose Jewelers, which is bringing in its national experts this weekend for a three-day buying event for jewelry, watches, coins, paper money, precious metals, diamonds, gemstones, sterling silver items and more. “Because of our long-standing association with the same, trusted team of national experts, Rose Jewelers assures you will enjoy a safe, secure and information-filled experience when you bring in your items. Good or bad, you will learn what each item’s value is. And, if an offer is made, there’s never any pressure to sell.”

Whether you are a buying event veteran or are considering going for the first time, there are some tips our Rose Jewelers insider is happy to share. For coins and paper money, for example, “the best way to preserve the value of coins and paper money is to keep them in protective cases and sleeves and minimize handling. Keeping something as a bookmark or in the bottom of a drawer sliding around will only decrease its value. Sometimes the loss in value will outpace the item’s appreciation significantly if it is not properly stored and protected.”

If you decide to bring in sterling silver items, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME POLISHING THEM! If it’s sterling (not silver plate), a tarnished piece of silver is worth the same as a shining piece!” And never be afraid your item isn’t worth bringing at all.

“If in doubt, bring it out,” our expert says. “You will never know what you really have unless you have an expert look at it. People have been extremely surprised to find a watch or piece of jewelry was worth many thousands of dollars when they picked it up at a yard sale for $25 or it was given to them from a friend of the family.”

So what is the most surprising item Rose Jewelers has seen at one of these buying events? “An original Indian chief head dress and complete outfit. It turned out to be from the early 1800s and had a significant value.”

If in doubt, bring it out.

Rose Jewelers 3-Day Buying Event is being held at both Rose Jewelers locations: 57 Main Street in Southampton, and 74 East Main Street in Patchogue on Thursday, March 29, Friday, March 30, and Saturday, March 31. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each day. For more information, visit

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