I Think Muse May Have Nailed It By Moving To Sag Harbor

For the longest time, the large Sag Harbor restaurant space where the new Muse currently is remained empty, abandoned and it made us all sad. Years went by, and everybody that walked by the beautiful building and restaurant space that once housed Jean Luc, we thought to ourselves, “Man, somebody really needs to turn this place into a happening restaurant.”

And then Muse decided to move in.

What’s awesome about Muse is that it has always been able to stand on its two feet, proud and tall, with the food and service as its focus, not the real estate that it was housed in. It’s former location in Water Mill had a Subway and a Blockbuster as its neighbor. But  people still went, the restaurant still survived, because quite frankly, the water bar holding fish swimming around was just too damn cool and the food was just too damn good. Any other restaurant would have a tough time finding its customers.

Muse is special because it stands in the elite category of restaurants that are both fully owned and operated by the executive chef. Chef-owner Matthew Guiffrida’s food keeps it real, and in the Hamptons you have to, but he keeps it extra real, because you know what? It’s all that he is. That restaurant is his baby, not his side project.

The new Muse in Sag Harbor looks awesome, and foodies are embracing it. And finally, we have what seems to me like a real good fit for a restaurant space that will hopefully stick around for a long, long time.



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