Starbucks Coming To Main Street In Southampton?

Update: According to the Morley Real Estate Agency, Starbucks has not rented the space and the news is just a rumor that has been going around town.

This morning I woke up and did my normal routine, which consists of walking my dog and then getting coffee at Golden Pear in Southampton. I ran into a friend of mine who doesn’t want to give out his name, but he told me that the commercial building that used to be the home of McKenzie and Tribe, located right on the corner of Main Street in Southampton, is going to be converted into a Starbucks by summer.

This seemed like pretty huge news to me. “Are you sure?” I said.

“Pretty sure, two people I work with told me about it.”

I put a call into the Morley Real Estate Agency, who is representing the building, and left a message but haven’t heard back from them yet.

If it’s true that a Starbucks is going to open up on Main Street, that will be big news for Southampton. I’ll keep you posted when I know I more.

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