What $150,000 Buys You in the Hamptons

Nationwide, $150,000 seems to be a magic number. A recent study claims that $150,000 is the minimum income an American family needs to feel financially secure. On the real estate front, aross the country homes are popping up for sale that are $150,000 or less.

In CharlotteNorth Carolina, you can get a three-bedroom home in the prestigious Ballantyne area for $149,900. In HoustonTexas, you can get a home that was built in 2005 that includes three bedrooms and cherry hardwood floors for just an even $150,000. And in Nashville, Tennessee you can get a virtually indestructible home made out of brick for $151,000 that includes four bedrooms.

But what exactly does $150,000 get you in the Hamptons? A Top Ten for your consideration…

10. For just $150,000, you can spend an entire three hours standing on the front lawn of the prestigious, 11-acre oceanfront spread Casa Bologna, owned by the inventor of bologna. During those three hours, you can also use one of the 14 bathrooms in the house as many times as you’d like.

9. For $150,000 you can spend the next two years sleeping in your car illegally in East Hampton. You may, however, be racking up a few tickets on a daily basis—so don’t spend that money on anything else.

8. $150,000 in the Hamptons gets you a very prestigious studio inside a Springs artist’s ranch home.

7. $150,000 can buy you a sensational sailboat, and if you are really clever you can anchor the boat somewhere in the Hamptons and swim to shore when you get a little cabin fever.

6. Although you can’t technically live there, $150,000 will get you an entire week’s worth of 24/7 partying at some of our finest nightclubs.

5. Some say they can live in their shoes, they are so comfortable. That $150,000 might afford you a pair of fancy designer kicks out here.

4. $150,000 could buy you a very nice car, and then you could drive it around and try to pick up an heir or heiress who then might hook you up with a mansion in Sagaponack.

3. By July 4th Weekend, that $150,000 might get you a full tank of gas for that very nice car.

2. For $150,000, you could find a great Memorial Day to Labor Day summer rental. Don’t forget to invite us for the first beachfront barbeque.

1. The Number One item on this list can be yours for $150,000. It will be yours exclusively. We accept major credit cards, PayPal and cold, hard cash.

What’s the best way you’d spend $150,000 in the Hamptons? 

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