First Alec Baldwin’s Stalker, Now P. Diddy Stalker Arrested

Less than a day after Alec Baldwin’s stalker was arrested, news broke about a man in East Hampton who was arrested after he entered P. Diddy’s house by going through an unlocked basement door and then began eating, drinking and going to sleep in an upstairs bedroom.

This is the second time the man has done this type of thing to the rap mogul. Eleven years ago, he was arrested on very similar charges.

Just what is going on these days with celebrity stalkers? Could this become some genius new way to get the media talking about you? Or maybe it will become some kind of weird celebrity status symbol? “Oh you have a nice new Ferrari? Yeah, I have one of those, too, but do YOU have a stalker? Because I have one of those. Oh, you don’t? That’s too bad…”

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