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Gurney’s Inn In Montauk Appearing Tonight On “Hotel Impossible”. Just Remember Folks, Reality Television Is The Opposite Of Reality

Hotel Impossible host, Anthony Melchiorri, presents a red appointment book to the concierge at Gurney’s Inn & Spa in Montauk, NY.

Why in the world would Gurney’s Inn, one of the most well run, beautiful and most luxurious hotels and spas on the face of the earth, need a “makeover” from the Travel Channel?


There is a new show on the Travel Channel called “Hotel Impossible” that is basically the same premise as “Kitchen Nightmares” where they have an “expert” walk into a place, yell at people, turn things around and make it better. They usually do it at a family run business to add to the drama.

We all remember the “Kitchen Nightmares” episode at Finn McCool’s restaurant in Westhampton, where Gordon Ramsey and his team literally told one of our interns at Dan’s Papers at the time, to go on camera and complain about the restaurant. She did just that. And at 22 years old, she was demonized by the entire nation when the episode came out. This was not only after she was TOLD to complain, but after our group was given EVERY reason to complain about the dinner there to add to the drama.

Gurney’s Inn does not need any help. Gurney’s Inn is an unbelievably well run, highly respected, and extremely gorgeous hotel in Montauk. The hotel is a leader, drawing celebrities, The Hamptons International Film Festival parties, jet setters, and locals. It’s freaking awesome.

So when I heard about a Travel Channel show about a guy named Anthony Melchiorri who comes into a family run hotel, yells at people Gordon Ramsay style, and turns it around, my red alert alarm went off. Because these shows are so incredibly ass backwards 90 percent of the time.

And it looks like I’m right. Paul Monte, the CEO of Gurney’s and one of the most respected men in Montauk, admits that he didn’t know the premise of the show was going to be a “Kitchen Nightmares” premise, but that it was originally pitched to him as “Mr. Hospitality”, where an expert comes into a well-run hotel to give advice on how to make it even better.

The show airs tonight on the Travel Channel, and I can pretty much GUARANTEE YOU that there is going to be misleading footage in the show, where the guy makes a huge deal out of something that never happens at Gurney’s and was staged to add drama to show.

It pisses me off because I know the feeling after my experience on Kitchen Nightmares. There is even a scene in that episode where a chicken wing is dropped in the kitchen and then it cuts to a shot of me eating a chicken wing, implying that it was the same food. Watch the full episode of Kitchen Nightmares here. I’m telling you, the entire freaking show is staged and directed. Not a single part of it isn’t planned out in advance, and that is true for ALL reality television.

I can tell you right now, without any hesitation, that Gurney’s Inn doesn’t need any help from anybody when it comes to running a hotel, they have been doing it for over three generations of fine ItalianAmerican hospitality and have been nothing but a beacon of leadership in Montauk.

You can bet your hat my blood pressure is going to go up when I watch this show tonight.

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