The Genius of Apple Marches On

Before the genius Steve Jobs died, this is what he accomplished. He revolutionized the desktop computer industry by developing the first mouse-driven software. Then he revolutionized the animated film business with sensational new Pixar software. Then he revolutionized the media business by developing digital publishing. Then he revolutionized television by persuading Disney to sell podcasts of their shows online. Then he revolutionized the music world by developing iTunes and the iPod. Then he revolutionized the telephone by creating the iPhone. Then he revolutionized tablet computing by inventing the iPad.

At his passing, those in the know said that Apple would do just fine without him.

Since his passing, Apple has continually been in the news with the following developments. It launched a new iPhone which looked exactly like the old one, except it did more things and did them faster. It released a list of the names of the manufacturers and suppliers that made all the iProducts, mostly in China, which resulted in terrible press about how the workers there were exploited. It released its stash of $100 billion in cash to buy back stock and pay dividends. It came out with a highly anticipated new operating system called Lion, which was slightly better than Snow Leopard. It came out with a new iPad that has a better screen and is a bit faster but is otherwise identical to the old one. Then hackers found out that with Apple’s new updated software, it was possible for anybody to download all your online photos, including any private stuff you never wanted let out.

Finally, there are the lawsuits. Here are a few filed in just the last month. Frank M. Fazio of Brooklyn has filed a class action lawsuit accusing Apple of misleading and deceptive advertising about its female mechanical voice, Siri. China sued Apple for intellectual property privacy violations. The U. S. Justice Department accused Apple of price fixing the sale prices of ibooks. And an 83-year-old grandma from Forest Hills named Evelyn Paswall filed a lawsuit against Apple for injuries she suffered by walking into a glass door she did not see at the Apple store in Manhasset, Long Island.

And that’s about all the Apple news. Other than that, Apple is doing fine and since Steve Jobs’ passing. The price of Apple stock has gone up.


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