To Our Firefighters: Thank You

You know, if it wasn’t for our local volunteer firefighters in the Hamptons, throughout Suffolk County and all of Long Island for that matter, the sky would be dimmed with black smoke, and acre upon acre of land would still be ablaze.

The brush fire that we had a few days ago was absolutely crazy, and I for one thought it was pretty darn scary. But without any hesitation, all local volunteer fire fighters responded to help put it out, and I was really impressed with how fast it was put out. A part of me didn’t think it was going to get under control when I first heard about it.

If you see a local firefighter today in the Hamptons. Thank him or her, and shake his hand. They deserve it.

There will be a ceremony recognizing our fire fighters on May 19 at the Brookhaven Amphitheater. Suffolk County and Town of Brookhaven officials announced that they, in coordination with Ronkonkoma-based JVC Broadcasting, will be holding a special thank you concert.

I’ve got to say, we can’t be thanking these guys enough.

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