In Defense Of Howard Stern

Let me get this straight. Amagansett resident Howard Stern, widely recognized as one of the funniest guys on radio, is going to be a host on the ABC Television show “America’s Got Talent” tonight and for some reason, all of the sudden, America is deciding that he doesn’t belong on prime time.

If I was allowed to curse on this blog, I believe the words, “Are you @#[email protected]# kidding me?” would suffice.

Honestly, this has got to be some sort of publicity stunt, because there is absolutely no way on the face of this earth that anybody actually cares whether or not this guy appears on a main stream television show. He is already main stream, he’s everywhere, he’s written best-selling books, he’s made a movie that appeared in every theater around the globe, he’s recognized as one of the most important people in radio, and he’s widely known as being a guy that stands up and voices his real opinion on issues that most people won’t even go near in conversation, let alone in public conversation.

I’ve got absolutely no problem with Howard Stern being a judge on “America’s Got Talent.” He’s an entertainer for crying out loud. Parents are letting their kids listen to musicians who have no problem discussing sex in a graphic nature, they seem to have no problem that their kids are all getting obese or that they are on computers all day “not looking at websites that they shouldn’t be looking at.”

If kids are watching Howard Stern on ABC tonight, it would be a break from the filth that they are normally exposed to these days. Since when are comedians suddenly supposed to be the saints of America? Eddie Murphy, one of the most graphic comedians on the planet, is well known now as a kids comic. Robin Williams? I mean, need I say more?



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