Jerry Seinfeld Reveals New Show “Comics and Cars” And It Better Not Suck

East Hampton resdient Jerry Seinfeld has revealed what his mysterious project is all about that he tweeted about last week.

The new show is called “Comics and Cars” and will be about Jerry, a well known car enthusiast,  along with his friends Alec Baldwin, Ricky Gervais and Larry David, test-driving cars from their past and trading stories and memories about them as they drive….

Alright Seinfeld, this better not suck. Because I have to be honest, this sounds pretty stupid. Comedians driving around cars and talking about them?

I mean honestly, I’m such a huge fan of Seinfeld and the rest of the cast in this show that if they just literally stared into the camera for 30 minutes straight and said absolutely nothing, I would watch it.

Do you think “Comics and Cars” will be a hit? What’s your opinion?


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