New Elementary School Is Set To Open In Riverhead

A new school in Riverhead is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2012, called the Peconic Community School.

Created by the new organization, the North Fork Education Initiative (NFEI), founded by Mattituck Mom Elizabeth Casey Searl, the new school will be a small independent private school whose mission is to “nurture children’s natural curiosity, imagination and inclination for creativity and play; and to integrate the land, environment and community through the unique landscape of the North Fork; in order to inspire a life-long pursuit of knowledge, to build an awareness of self and the surrounding world, and to foster excellence in math, science, arts and humanities.”

The school plans to use an innovative arts and environment-based curriculum that aims to create an educational experience where individuals and the community thrive. The school is also planning on cultivating environmental stewards by exploring and celebrating the North Fork’s farms, open spaces, beaches, and waterways while at the same time have students actively engage achieving excellence in math, science, and the humanities.

The school will be a fully accredited school and will accept students from kindergarten through the third grade, with the entire school being housed at the famous East End Arts Council in Riverhead, which is lead by Pat Snyder, a recognized community leader in Riverhead.

If you are interested in applying to Peconic Community School (PCS), you can contact them at  631-397-0298 or email [email protected] to learn more.

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