Remind Me Again of the Point of Shutting Down a Bank in East Hampton

Members of the Occupy the Hamptons movement—which is not an ironic movement in any way, shape or form—decided they were going to bring things to the next level last week when they marched into the Bank of America in East Hampton and made one single demand. A demand, that if accomplished, would make the entire purpose of their bank march worth it.

They wanted a fax sent to the President of Bank of America because, gosh darn it, we’re not gonna take it anymore.

Ten Occupy members who walked into the bank began to read the statement out loud, and if it wasn’t going to be sent to the President and CEO of the bank, then they weren’t going to leave. The statement read as follows: “Please vacate the premises immediately. Your personal possessions will be removed and sold at auction…In addition, we demand that Bank of America cease and desist all pending actions related to eviction or foreclosure, regardless of cause.”

In case you were wondering, this exact same statement is read to people going through foreclosure.

The bank closed down briefly and there was a police response by East Hampton. The organizers of the event viewed the entire thing as a success.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m turning into this ultra conservative, but I simply don’t sympathize with the Occupy movement. It’s not the bank’s fault that you took out a loan you couldn’t afford. McDonald’s is not to blame because you and your kids are getting fat, and it’s not the government’s fault you don’t have a job. It’s OUR fault for allowing ourselves to believe that we won’t be in financial trouble if we take on tremendous debt, that we refuse to do work that isn’t a “position” and that we continue eating foods that are so obviously horrendous for our health.

If I saw any real purpose to the Occupy movement, I’d subscribe to it, but from what I see and hear, it’s a bunch of people having fun and trying to feel self-important.

What’s even more crazy is that the banks that they hate so much are suffering dramatically, but it isn’t because of Occupy, it’s because of their own moronic lending practices that are now biting them in the butt. If you really want to hurt the banks, don’t ever take out any loans like you did when you got your pottery degree from Arizona State. THAT’S HOW THEY MAKE MONEY!

Ugh. I digress. This is too early for me to be like this.

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