Summer 2012 Preview: Dan’s Favorites—County Road 39

I have been asked, using my vast experience for the past 52 years with Dan’s Papers, to give you the very favorite things I enjoy out here. Don’t tell anybody about any of them. This is just for you.

This is the bypass road of downtown Southampton, which has become over time the gateway to the Hamptons. The Dan’s Papers offices are now located on the south side of this road. When it was originally built it was called the Southampton Bypass because that is what it did, but when it got fully developed with all the buildings and everything along the route, “bypass” seemed an inadequate name for it. So it became what it was, which was County Road 39. Two years ago people in Southampton, tired of the awkwardness and length of that name, voted to give the road another name. They named it after a well liked local politician who recently passed, so now it is the Edwin M. “Buzz” Schwenk Memorial Highway.

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