Summer 2012 Preview: Dan’s Favorites—Water Mill

I have been asked, using my vast experience for the past 52 years with Dan’s Papers, to give you the very favorite things I enjoy out here. Don’t tell anybody about any of them. This is just for you.

Many years ago a water mill with an actual water wheel was set up on a side street adjacent to Mill Pond in this town. It provided power so that giant disk shaped stones could go round and round against one another to grind grain into flour when you shoved the grain between the stones. They called that the Ye Olde Water Mill and they named the town Water Mill. Later, a big windmill was trucked in and set up on triangle in the center of Water Mill, but was never used to grind grain on that site. It was brought in from somewhere else so Water Mill could keep in step with the other communities that had windmills. In 1902, an attempt to change the name of the town to Wind Mill failed by one vote.

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