What I Love About … Sag Harbor

Sally Gillies of the Corcoran Group in Bridgehampton has been a Hamptons resident for over 15 years and licensed real estate professional in the area since 2001. Sally currently lives in Sag Harbor with her twin daughters.

Me: What do you love about living in Sag Harbor?

Sally: I live in Sag Harbor. I love the nature here, I love how close it is to the water and I love that it has kept its charm and history. People here keep it incredibly beautiful and really make sure to keep it the way it has always been, which is amazing.

Dan’s: What else do you love?

Sally: I’m raising my two daughters here, and they pretty much picked the place. I love raising my kids out here. They go to the public school and it’s basically a private school setting. There are just 60 kids to a class, all of the parents, teachers and students really care about the school and the community around them, it’s really wonderful.

Dan’s: Are there any secret places in Sag Harbor that you love?

Sally: There are a couple of secret places, I can’t describe where they are because otherwise they wouldn’t be secret!

Dan’s: Do you have a favorite beach that you can at least share with us?:

Sally: I love Long Beach, it’s so perfect.

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