Whole Foods Set to Open in the Hamptons Tomorrow

A Whole Foods “Farm Stand” will be opening tomorrow in Wainscott, and it has a lot of people talking. Whole Foods is one of those love/hate places. Some people treat the company like it’s their religion, others think it embodies everything wrong with society.

My experience with Whole Foods is fairly limited. I used to go to Whole Foods to buy granola every now and then when I lived in Boston, but other than that I really never shopped there.

I will say that when fans talk about Whole Foods (or Trader Joe’s, for that matter), they seem to lose their minds. They just absolutely love these places. I mean, this is a grocery store, right?


Okay, yes it is, but it’s where the cool people go to buy food, perhaps.

Me? Well, I’m a pretty big fan of Citarella if I’m looking for gourmet food. And if I’m looking for farmstand food in the Hamptons, I usually go to, well…a farmstand.


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