Sparkling Pointe’s Carnaval Bringing International Party to East End

Carnaval is a celebration that is held all over the world. Different from the American idea of a carnival—our version is decidedly limited to rides, clowns and massive amounts of fried foods—the real Carnaval is a hugely celebrated event involving parades, costumes and dancing.

The Carnaval celebrations held around the world typically start 40 days before Easter. Traditionally, masks are worn and dancing in the street is a requirement. The closest widely celebrated equivalent in the U.S. would be Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Every one of these Carnavals are extremely fun and three years ago, Brazilian Carnaval first came to the North Fork courtesy of Sparkling Pointe in Southold.

On Saturday July 14, Sparkling Pointe is holding their third annual Carnaval from 1 to 5 p.m., and the Southold tasting room is the perfect place to have this type of event. Inside the space, there are masks hanging on the walls, big, beautiful chandeliers, white leather couches and brightly colored pictures that contrast with the neutral walls. The outdoor area is vast, so there is plenty of space for patrons to move and groove. Which is appropriate, considering the event is also going to feature live bossa nova music and dancers by Samba Novo.

Sparkling Pointe’s wines are also the perfect match because they’re all sparkling—What better type of drink for a party? In addition, all attendees will receive a prestige gold etched logo flute with their $10 entry fee. There will be Sparkling Pointe wine, as well as food by The Kitchen Waterside Caterers, for purchase.

Tom and Cynthia Rosicki started Sparkling Pointe because of their love and passion for Champagne. Each of Sparkling Pointe’s wines is delicious and produced in the method champenoise. But they are all different. The 2007 Brut is fruity with apple and pear notes and the 2005 Blanc De Blanc made from 100% Chardonnay grapes has a slight hint of citrus. The Brut Seduction is definitely seductive with its smooth finish. The Topaz Imperial, Sparkling Pointe’s dry rosé, has a lovely pink color to it and I found it to be the driest of all of the wines. Finally, the Non-Vintage Cuvee Carnaval is the second release of the Non-Vintage Carnaval and it has notes of ripe pear, berry and hints of orange blossom. What makes Sparkling Pointe unique is that they ferment the yeast in the individual bottles and the bubbles form from that. The alternative method involves using giant vats and infusing the bubbles afterwards. Sparkling Pointe’s process takes longer, but is worth it. Also, the great thing about Sparkling Pointe wines is that they are fun to drink anytime of year, but they are particularly refreshing in the summertime.

Sparkling Pointe’s Carnaval event might not be as long as the ones held in Rio de Janiero or Venice, but it is sure to be just as good as a time. So, grab your bedazzled masks and be prepared for some great wine, food and music.


Sparkling Pointe 39750 County Road 48 Southold, 631-765-0200,

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