Apple Picking In The Hamptons Is God’s Little Gift To Fall


It’s cold out today, just a little bit, but enough to make you put on a sweater with a cozy jacket. In the Hamptons, on a chilly Saturday like this, there is but one thing to do that is a must, and that is to apple pick.

There are several places to do this, with the most famous place being The Milk Pail in Water Mill.

There are a few other place in the Hamptons that you can go, but they are sort of a secret, however if you drive through the Bridgehampton backgrounds, you’ll find the fun farms that are a bit more down the beaten path.

The Milk Pail, however, doesn’t mess around. They’ve got homemade doughnuts there that you can munch on if you are in apple overload mode. They let you run through the apple orchard with your son or daughter (or niece or nephew) and watch them buzz around the orchard with an ear to ear smile, picking apples. It’s hard not to get into it.

I’m not sure why this is so much damn fun, but it is. And if you think about it, apple picking is one of the most exclusive things you can do in the Hamptons. It’s only during this time of year that you can do it, and there are only so many days that have that crisp chill in the air.


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