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ARF Rescues Two Dogs From Iran

Way to go ARF!

The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, Inc. (ARF) announced today that two dogs have been rescued from the outskirts of Tehran, Iran and brought to ARF. The rescue was coordinated by the Humane Society International (HIS) in response to a ban on all dogs in cities and suburbs of Iran. International travelers from Iran delivered the dogs safely to the ARF Adoption Center in Wainscott, but hundreds more dogs await rescue in Iran.

The dogs are both young, large, lanky, female mixes and are in quarantine in the Adoption Center’s Medical Wing. They will need full medical exams and time to acclimate. One of the dogs named “ Lampic” has no vision in one eye, but otherwise they both appear to be healthy. As soon as their medical quarantine has been completed, they will be ready for adoption.

For more information on Lampic or Narin please contact Michele Forrester, Director of Operations.

Michele Forrester, 631-537-0400 ext. 207

Narin, a healthy, young friendly female.
Narin, a healthy, young friendly female.


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