Shop ’Til You Drop: Healthy Body and a Good Night’s Sleep

Are you ready for some great shopping on the East End?

Gym Source, a leader in high quality gym treadmills, elliptical, exercise bikes, steppers, free weights, home gyms, vibration training, rowers and much more is celebrating 75 years as a leader in the fitness industry. With over 300,000 clients in all 50 countries, Gym Source is well recognized. So, if you are in the market to create your very own personal gym or simply find out more about what the Gym Source has to offer as far as their state-of-the-art equipment, visit Locally, please visit, 23 Windmill Lane in Southampton, 631-287-1223. Open year-round.

But what’s new in health and beauty? As many of us neglect the obvious and tend to get wrapped up in the day-to-day trials and tribulations of the daily grind, the key is to simply set aside the time to focus on skin, hair and make-up each day. Even for those “natural beauties” it’s important to properly take care of your skin, get proper sleep and relax—Mind, body and spirit. By taking this time, it will surely cut down on stress and help aid the fight against the aging process. I started to use some amazing skincare products recently called Hevia Skin Science, created by Oscar Hevia, MD. Over the last several weeks, my skin has been totally rejuvenated and already feels years younger. My regiment starts every morning with Hevia’s Anti-Aging Cleanser, which can be used any time of day. This moisturizing cleanser can be used on dry skin to remove any residue, make-up, dirt or oils—after applying you simply rinse and then apply Luminous Day Treatment, during the day hours, or nighttime moisturizer (Hevia’s Night Repair formula) before bed. But, Hevia’s serious secret weapon is their Potent Serum. Only a small amount is needed in the morning or at night and, trust me, it’s truly transforming.

Hevia’s Renewing Hand and Body Cream is absolutely amazing—leaving your skin feeling hydrated and alive. Dermatologist and skin expert, Oscar Hevia, MD has really made a breakthrough in the science of skin care, this superior line of luxury products will definitely slow down and repair the aging process. For more information and a complete description of products, visit

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics are one of the leading “all-natural” cosmetic companies in the country. They offer an array of great-smelling, moisturizing products. Now that the holidays are approaching, this is the perfect time to consider a few great gift giving ideas like; Angels Delight Soap, North Pole Soap, So White Bath Bomb (it’s fantastic), Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar, Twilight Shower Get, Let The Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser and a scrumptious Popcorn Lip Scrub that works wonders on any dry skin—while making your lips even more luscious. Lush products are all made from fresh organic fruits and vegetables and the finest essential oils and ingredients that are ethically and sustainably procured from around the world. All their products are 82% vegan, 100% vegetarian, 68% preservative free and 37% free of wasteful packaging. For more information and these fresh and fun products, please visit or

Lack of sleep or not getting quality sleep can lead to health issues and disorders like snoring as well as reducing your quality of life and productivity—But, there’s good news! For those of you who have trouble sleeping, Sound Oasis Glo to Sleep sleep therapy mask is your answer. Glo to Sleep combines ancient wisdom with modern technology to create the Points of Glo while under a light for about 30 seconds. Slip on the mask and watch the pleasant blue lights gently dim over several minutes while breathing in a relaxed manner. During this process, the brain quickly goes from a busy BETA brainwave state to a relaxed ALPHA brainwave state, thus starting your journey into sleep. The retail price for Glo to Sleep is $39.99. Whether it’s for a full night’s sleep or just for a nap, you will feel well rested. Great for the plane, train at home or on vacation. Sound Oasis Company,


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