Music from Gene Casey’s Band The Lone Sharks on “Sons of Anarchy”

Gene Casey

Gene Casey from the Lone Sharks had a pleasant surprise this morning—he found out from his friends that a song he wrote in 2003 was used on the hit television show Sons of Anarchy

“They used one of our songs, but I’m not sure where they used it or how much of it they used. But a lot of people that are fans of the show are checking us out today. It’s an old song called “Manana” that we did in 2003,” Mr. Casey explained in an interview.

“I have a publisher in California that is working on getting us into these kinds things. I mentioned on my Facebook page that I missed my own shows. I’m gonna get a copy though—a lot of people love this show.”

This is not the first time that original music by Gene Casey has found its way to Hollywood, “There is a movie out now called The Tall Man starring Jessica Biel where they used a song that we did called “Who’s Sharing The Moon,” but you really have to be listening for it when you watch the movie.”

Mr. Casey’s song “Manana” is currently unavailable for purchase anywhere because it is so old. But that may not last long. “I’m putting out a new album, but I may have to put “Manana” on that after this even though it’s an old song. That’s show biz.”


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