Sir Ivan Song “La La Land” Had Me Rocking Yesterday

I have this friend Sir Ivan who has a large castle in Watermill. Ivan is a great guy, he’s passionate, I’ve really never met anybody more passionate about music and being a peaceful person than Sir Ivan. Ever since I met him about eight years ago, he’s dedicated himself to making music that he loves.

Here and there, he’s had some success with it, but the other day I was in my car and out of no where, his voice came on the radio. I was listening to Party 105.3, which is one of the most popular radio stations.

I didn’t recognize that it was him singing at first because the song is a re-mixed version of his single that he released last summer, but then I heard him sing “La La Land” which is a song I know very well. Wait a second…this is a club track of Sir Ivan on a main stream radio station.


I got on my cell and called him, “Hello?”

“Ivan! I just heard u on the radio! It sounded so good! Like it sounded really good! It was on Party 105.3!”

“I know thank you. This is my first song since I switched from being a banker 11 years ago that is getting serious airplay. It’s exciting.”

“Dude, I’m buying the song right now on iTunes. It sounds great.”

“Thanks pal. I’m leaving for Miami on the 5th. Give me a call if you are down there and tell your Dad thank you for including me in his book.”

“Will do, talk to you later.”

Here’s the song below. The re-mixed version is incredible.

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