Two Die In Another Suffolk County Plane Crash, Horrible

All too often, small aircraft are crashing. In East Hampton over the summer, a plane crashed and exploded in the woods, with both the pilot and the passenger needing to be dragged out by good Samaritans, and just this past Saturday, a plane crashed, and both the pilot and the passenger did not survive.

The plane crashed into East Moriches Inlet, and there were witnesses that saw it fall from the sky. It happenend in the late afternoon and the Hampton Bays dive team searched the wreck because it was completely submerged under the water, roughly 20 feet. Officials are stating the two people on the plane drowned.

These crashes are so terribly tragic.  For this to happen again in Suffolk in such a short span of time should have all pilots on the East End triple checking their small planes before they go up in the air.

God bless all of our first responders.

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