Half Billion Dollar Powerball Jackpot has Hamptons Locals Wondering if the Other Side is Better

Right now there is not a single person in the Hamptons who is not, at the very least, considering buying a Powerball ticket.

In case you have been living under a rock the lottery that is tonight is worth more than half a billion dollars and yes that is BILLION with a B.

I recently read a story about people who have won the lottery and were able to spend all of the money in a short time period and also blaming the winnings on completely destroying  their lives.

Here is an interesting link about people who have been able to blow through their lottery money faster than seems possible.

What would you do with all of this money if you won? Are you going to buy a Powerball ticket? Do you think that you would be the type that would spend it all or would save it all? Would you tell anybody that you won? I’m seriously curious what people think they would do with it.

I asked a guy at 7-Eleven who works at a clothing store what he would do with the money if he won. He looked up and said, “If I won, I think that I’d probably just buy a new car, quit my job and take more vacations. I wouldn’t do much else with it, I’m not the creative type.”

This struck me as exactly the right thing to say. If I won, I’d probably still just do the same thing I’m doing, I’d just have a much cooler car and would give money to my family every year. OH, and I’d buy this

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