Hamptons Celebs Sound Off on Election Day

Most weren’t visiting the local polling places on Tuesday, but Hamptons celebrities were speaking up, endorsing their candidates and urging fans to vote on Election Day.

Twitter was abuzz all day with tweets from many of the East End’s favorite high profile residents. New Water Mill homeowner Jennifer Lopez told her Twitter fans, “If you are an American, today is the day to make your voice heard!” She asked fans to find their local polling place and vote and finished her note with a link to Barack Obama’s website, clearly endorsing the President for reelection.

On her Twitter feed on Monday, comedian, host and outspoken Obama voter Joy Behar quipped, “Tomorrow our fate will be decided by the whole country. And by the whole country, I mean Ohio.”

Another major Obama supporter and an East Hampton resident, producer Russell Simmons tweeted about how many people had voted early, adding, “if we vote, we win!” He also identified himself as a member of Team Obama.

Attorney and host Star Jones also endorsed Obama and encouraged fans to vote. “I’ve never in all the years of being on twitter asked y’all to RT a dang thing,” she noted.

Musician Samantha Ronson tweeted, “you know what today is? Your last day to educate yourself and decide who you want, to fight for you, for the next 4 years. #obama2012.”

Look below for more tweets from the East End’s most famous faces.


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