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Rare Coin Found In East Hampton Is Sold For $430,000. In Other News, I’m Getting A Metal Detector For Christmas!!!

Lillian King in East Hampton must be a little annoyed right now. The resident found a rare coin back in 1992 with a metal detector while perusing around a potato field in East Hampton.

The metal detector went off, and up popped a rare, silver Colonial Massachusetts coin that is one of eight coins to exist in the world. She was excited and sold the coin for $35,000, a nice sum of money for a lady with a metal detector.

Today however, we found out that the man who bought the coin, re-sold it this week for $430,000. That’s right, nearly half-a-million.


The coin was a sixpence from 1652 and made four times as much as auction officials expected after it  sold last week at the Colonial Coin Collectors Club in Baltimore. Which is not a geeky place to hang out in any way shape or form.

Half a million for a coin. HALF A MILLION FOR A COIN ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! That coin better give back rubs or something!

I need to go and get myself a metal detector, and mean RIGHT NOW!

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