Top Five Ways To Cope With Waiting In Line For Gas In The Hamptons

Well, there is pretty much one word on everybody’s mind in the Hamptons right now, and that word is “gas.” And no, I’m not talking about the funny kind that I blame on the dog every day.

I’ve been on a gas-conserving mission lately, as I have no desire to wait in line for three hours to fill up my car. But by tomorrow, I’ll probably need to fill up, and I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to deal with waiting to do something that is normally an easy thing. Here are my top 5 ideas.

1. Look at it as a mini-vacation: While waiting in line to get gas, I’m going to look at the wait as a little getaway. It’s a little “me time” I figure, and what do I like to do with me time besides eating ice-cream and watching Van Damme movies? Well…screw it, I’ll watch Bloodsport in my car! With smartphones these days, you can watch full length movies thanks to Netflix, and in your car, if you connect your phone to the speaker system, you can watch movies with surround sound—arguably louder than in your home, unless you have a theater at your house. To which I say, “Can I come over?”

2. Nap. Yes, I said it. Take a nap in your car. Turn of the engine, put it in park, lean back and only wake up when you hear the car honks.

3. Read. If you are getting ready to go join a gas line, bring a book. Hours of waiting in line can allow you to catch up on the reading of “Atlas Shrugged” and freak yourself out when you get to the part about civilization crumbling.

4. Order take-out: Pizza places will deliver to your car. Believe me, they will. Just order from your cell phone and have them deliver to your car. You can even share some food with other drivers and make new best friends.

5. Hire somebody to do it for you: If you don’t want to wait in line and have an extra 50 bucks, there are probably a million people out there who will wait in line for you and fill up.


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