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Do Freebies Have a Cost, Even in the Hamptons?

It’s a good day at the Dan’s Papers offices when we get a cookbook in the mail.

A great day is when we get two cookbooks in the mail.

When we deem a cookbook worthy of review, I’m usually the one to write it up. Sections Editor Kelly Laffey took a shine to Ricky Lauren’s Hamptons Food, Family and History earlier this year so she latched onto that one. When we get a new cookbook in it gives us all something new to think about. Like most offices, most of our break time and lunch discussions are food-based.

When I review a book I read it cover-to-cover. In the case of cookbooks, I also test run a recipe or two and often bring the results into the office to share.

Last month we had the best day ever. We received a box of EIGHT cookbooks from a publisher. We also received a bunch of sample-sized “spirits” (what I call “booze”) from the public relations firm The Baddish Group (love that name!) AND…wait for it…a Hangover Prevention Patch from its manufacturer, Bytox! I guess it was MY best day ever because Kelly was off that day. I took it all home.

I figured I should wait for the weekend to give the hangover prevention device a go. Saturday found me out on the patio with a bunch of tiny bottles and a clear plastic patch on my arm that smelled exactly like Froot Loops.

I was a little reluctant to imbibe Cupcake Vineyard’s Vanilla Vodka. I like some of their wines well enough but flavored vodkas can be frightening—especially when vanilla overkill is a possibility. But this Vanilla Vodka was delish straight up. I mixed the second bottle into orange juice for a slightly Creamsicle screwdriver. Could be my new favorite mixed drink.

Four Roses Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon, huh? It came in an adorable little bottle. The flavor was fine. I mixed the second bottle with seltzer for a tall one.

In order to “stop hangovers before they start” the patch instructions are very clear and insistent—you have to hydrate before, during and after drinking firewater. So I did.

The PR firm had also sent a “spirit” in a small glass skull, Crystal Head Vodka. I had to save that for my son. He’ll love it. I’d rather he drank from a skull than get a skull tattoo, but I digress.

I wasn’t sure I’d had enough alcohol to fully test the anti-hangover patch so I quickly drank a glass of whatever wine we had on hand. I don’t remember what that was. I don’t really remember much about the rest of that night but when I woke up—no headache, no cotton mouth, no ringing or buzzing in my ears. Has Bytox really solved the age-old buzzkill of the common hangover? I hope so. But, if you’re reading this Mr. Bytox, feel free to send me more patches to test out.

Have you come up with a patch that prevents cellulite? What about flatulence? How about a patch for potheads that prevents the munchies? I’m always looking for stocking stuffers for
my friends.

What’s this? Ingrid at Gurney’s just had full-size samples of their new line dropped off?! Gurney’s Sea Water Spa’s Revitalizing Marine Shampoo and Conditioner, Toning Marine Shower Gel and Firming Marine Lotion? Full of natural ingredients like sea fennel, shea butter, brown algae, red algae, vitamins and dewberry! Yum. I’ll probably have to battle our shopping writer Kendra Sommers in order to get this treasure home!

It’s another great day at Dan’s Papers!

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