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Hometown Taxi Will Offer Free Rides In Southampton Area Tonight

My hat is off to Hometown Taxi in Southampton.

Tonight, arguably the most dangerous night of the year to be behind the wheel in the Hamptons, the taxi company will be offering free rides to people who need to get home because they are drunk in Southampton. The rides are absolutely free, so long as the rides are in the Southampton area.

I just got off the phone with the cab company and they told me that it was important to let people know that they won’t be driving people from Montauk back to Southampton. The dispatcher on the phone said, “If you’re in the Southampton area and need a ride back home that is in the Southampton area, we’ll do it for free. We’re not giving rides out to Riverhead or Montauk though. We’ve had a few calls already with people asking about that.”

Even still, this is a HUGE thing that Hometown Taxi is doing tonight.

Like every local on the East End, I know more than one person who has been arrested for DWI. Please, please, please, please, I’m begging you, do not get behind the wheel tonight even if you’ve had one drink. It’s not worth it. Call a cab or have a plan before you go out where you will be sleeping and how you will be getting home.

Be safe.

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