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I Still Can’t Process The Connecticut Shootings

I’m finding it very difficult today to relax and think while reflecting on the events of yesterday in Connecticut. I am just thoroughly disgusted. there does not seem to be any words to describe what happened yesterday. It is just a travesty of epic proportions. Here in the Hamptons, many people are grieving for people in Connecticut. Just yesterday, I was at the gym in Southampton and there was not a single person who was not completely tuned into the events of yesterday.

I promised myself I wouldn’t talk about this, but something is bothering me on a level that I haven’t felt in a long time. Apparently, a high school student in Hampton Bays, wrote on their Facebook status update that he was happy about the events of yesterday. A couple of the gym employees were discussing the post and I saw it on one of their iPhones. I didn’t catch the person’s name and deliberately didn’t because I did not want at the time to write about it or publicize something that is so epically gross. But I do hope that teachers, administrators and officials in Hampton Bays become aware of the student that wrote the post on his wall as I’m sure it drew a lot of attention online. I’m not going to say anything more about it, the word that keeps coming to my mind is disgusted. I’m just so disgusted.

My prayers and thoughts are in Connecticut today, I’m sorry, I can’t really think about anything else.


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