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Jerry Seinfeld Tells The New York Times How He Writes Jokes

Hamptons funny man Jerry Seinfeld sat down with The New York Times to make a video on how he writes comedy.

It’s pretty interesting to watch his mind think about comedy, even though at the beginning of the video he admits, “I know you think people are going to be interested in this, but they’re not.”

I’m a big fan of Seinfeld, but if he’s looking to come back with a new show, he needs to bring back his seriousness about it. Seinfeld the television show is amazing, but it was also serious in how it was put together. That adds to it I think. A lot of his stuff lately doesn’t feel like he’s serious about it.

Except his standup of course, which is also amazing. What the hell am I saying? This guy is freaking amazing.

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