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What I Do When It Rains In The Hamptons

People ask me all the time, “What do you do on rainy days in the Hamptons? It must be so boring!”

Well it isn’t. Rainy days in the Hamptons are kind of nice, even though the weather is terrible out right now, there are still people doing a lot of fun things. In fact, I would argue that my day doesn’t really change that much at all when it rains. I would even argue that I’m actually more PRODUCTIVE when it rains. That’s because when it rains, my first thought is, “Oh my God, it’s raining, I can’t just be stuck in the house all day.”

So I make an active effort to go out and do something. I’ll go to the library and read or work on a novel, I’ll go to the gym, I’ll go out to the movies. Speaking of which, I’ve been trying to get to the movies for the past week so I can see Les Miserables. I’m going to check it out tonight. However, all I’ve been hearing is about how great Django is, so I’ll probably see that tomorrow.

But only if it’s raining.

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