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Super Restrictive Dog Law On The North Fork To Be Eased—Thank God.

In Southold, people who own dogs will soon be allowed to legally walk them on the beach. This is something that I’ve always wondered why people are against it. How can you be against a dog on the beach? That’s a wonderful thing. It’s like three people in the entire world complain about a dog on the beach and for some reason all the laws get changed where we can’t have a wonderful animal running on the beach and playing in the surf.

Over on the North Fork, it is completely illegal to bring your dog to the beach thanks to one guy who was attacked by two dogs running on the beach and complained about it.

Ah, the good old fashioned rule of, “If something unusual and strange happens to ME, then it must be banned for everybody.”

Anyway, that law is now considered too restrictive, (Duh) and now a vote is coming in to ammend the law, which would allow owners of dogs to bring them to the beach on leashes.

Well God bless the judicial system. I say let them run free completely. What’s next? We don’t allow children to the beach? Maybe we should ban all seagulls too. Perhaps the only people allowed on the beach are cranky old men who think everybody and everything else around them is a problem that needs to be solved with new ridiculous laws that only benefit them. If we did that, they would probably figure out a way to ban themselves and we could get rid of these morons from ruining things for everybody else.

I’m sorry, but there is something wrong with you if you don’t like dogs. You need to get your head examined if you seriously don’t like them.

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