The Katie Beers Book Looks Very Interesting

Katie Beers completely captured the nation with her story of abduction. The entire world knew who she was, what had happened to her and the nightmare that she lived through. When it was all over, she moved to East Hampton and attended Springs School and then graduated East Hampton High School.

I’m the same age as Katie, and grew up with her in East Hampton. She was one grade younger than I was. I remember teachers at Springs School telling me not to discuss anything about what had happened to her and to treat her like a normal person. I was too young at the time to have any real idea of what happened to her, I just knew that it was bad and that I wasn’t supposed to talk about it and that I didn’t need to know about it. And that’s exactly what I did, literally, up until yesterday.

Yesterday I saw Katie Beers on the news discussing a new book that she’s written about her life experience and my entire mind was blown. I never knew, even until now, just how tragic her story is and how famous it is because, believe it or not, it was really drilled into me at a very early age that it was absolutely none of my business what happened to her and to not talk about it.

Like I said, I always knew she had been abducted and locked up in a “dungeon“, but it was all hearsay and it was hard for me to imagine what people meant by the word dungeon, because other people told me that she was locked up inside of her house.

I grew up without the internet, and when she came to school, everything was hearsay. If you were not supposed to know anything about someone, you just didn’t know. There was no way to Google someone. You had to rely on what other people would say. (In many ways I like it more that way because today it is so easy to manipulate web results).

I Googled Katie and found the broadcast below by Diane Sawyer. It’s incredible. Her story is amazing and it makes me feel enormously good to hear that she is married with kids and happy. I can remember Katie being very involved with theater in East Hampton High School, working with the backstage crew. She was always a pretty cool girl and it looks like she still is. It’s amazing what people can get through and not let it destroy their lives.

She’s an inspiration.

Link to her book.

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