Hampton Subway Newsletter Feb 9 – 15

Riders this past week: 8,821

Rider miles this past week: 87,415



Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick were seen on the subway going from Bridgehampton to Sag Harbor last Saturday at 6 p.m. Apparently, they were off to attend something at Bay Street involving Long Wharf, but we couldn’t pick up the whole conversation.



The overhead TVs in all the trains have not been used in years, but last Sunday, the one in the front car of every train was on CBS to watch the Super Bowl. Those front cars were packed and the beer flowed freely. (And those in cars behind didn’t know what they were missing). At one point in the third quarter, however, half the lights at the Super Bowl went off and in the front car of the B train passing through Wainscott at that time, the patrons watching the game got pretty upset.

Thinking that the partial outage was on the train itself, some pulled the emergency cord and others went to the motorman’s booth and got him to stop the train to come out and try to fix the channel. Subway service was thus interrupted for 34 minutes, since the lights would not go on for that amount of time. Apologies for the delay.



If you see somebody acting strangely on a platform and become fearful you might get pushed onto the tracks in front of a train, look for one of the two coiled ropes you will find now installed on hooks at opposite ends of all platforms, tie one end around your waist and another to a pillar.

Subway management is very responsive to requests such as this put into the suggestion boxes (also located at each end of every platform).



Some customer somewhere has sued the Subway restaurant chain for advertising footlong sandwiches while delivering 11” sandwiches. It could become a class action suit and, according to the papers, they have calculated how many foot longs are sold each year, declared they were only worth 11/12ths of their sale price so are asking for $2.1 billion. You will find that at our Subway food kiosks, one on every platform in every station, every footlong now has a toothpick sticking out with an olive on the end. It makes them 13 inches. I don’t know how long this will go on. Just letting you know.



Last Wednesday, all 74 of the people on the inaugural ride of the six new subway observation cars who survived held a reunion at the Southampton station.

You will recall that the crash happened when the “panoramic view” glass bubbles on the roofs of the new cars didn’t fit into the subway tunnel and got violently ripped off as the train came into it anyway and yet nobody was seriously injured. There was lots of laughter and backslapping and stories that got told. What a time that was.



Happy Birthday Abe. About 40 people sang to him in the company cafeteria in our building in Hampton Bays last Thursday at 3 p.m.



There have been rumors out there that we will be increasing the cost of a fare from $2.25 to $2.50 soon. This is a lie. But if we were to do it, you should know that your subway swipe cards will be honored at the lower cost for as long as the amount on the cards holds out.

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