This Spring – The Greens Have It!

This year I attended High Point Furniture Fall Market in North Carolina. High Point is a bustling marketplace that occurs twice yearly where vendors from every aspect of the interior design world convene to showcase their new line of products to designers and journalists. It is a whirlwind few days, and I was literally inundated with product information. High Point is a perfect opportunity to see growing trends in design, and note items that will be available in the coming seasons. I saw lots of the color rich, deep green in my design travels, including a new line of vivid fabrics inspired by the colors of Versailles at the Pearson furniture showroom. It was no surprise to me that at the start of the year Pantone announced Emerald Green as the new color for 2013. Each year a color is dusted off and paraded out to make its debut as the “it” color. Once that announcement is made, it seems the hue appears everywhere from fashion runways to furniture, fabric and accessories being offered for the home. I am not always enthusiastic about the color choice of the year, but I am happy to see this shade of green being illuminated.

Emerald is certainly not a new color, and it has been used in art, interior design, fashion and appears in nature over and over again. It takes cues from the rich green of boxwood and bright spring grass. It is flattering to many people’s complexion, yet when used in interiors can evoke drama and richness. I like to combine the color green with various shades of blue in a home, and of course that combination is paired in nature often where land and water meet. Whenever I see emerald green painted on the walls of a home, I am smitten. There is no doubt it is a bold choice, but as far as intense colors are concerned it can also be warm and inviting. It holds both classic and modern appeal. Several years ago I painted my living room a vivid shade of this rich green in a glossy finish, and I have never looked back. Over time I have grown to love the color in the space even more. Whether it is a cold, rainy day or a bright sunny spring morning, I arrive home to my warm and inviting living room. The color shows off the room’s architecture and ceiling height perfectly, and it provides a wonderful backdrop for my art collection. Yet unlike other bold color choices somehow it does not feel trendy.

Swathing yourself completely in a glow of emerald green may be too risky a decision for you. However, it is easy enough to bring bold or unusual colors into your home in other ways. Many of my clients like to surround themselves with different color schemes during various seasons. In these cases, it is relatively easy to have two pairs of slipcovers made for sofas and chairs, and with a quick change from heavier to light fabrics we can drastically alter the mood of a room from winter to summer. If this is even too much of a commitment for you, I recommend adding a punch of intense color into your home with accessories. Start small, and maybe change out a pair of pillows on your sofa or bed, and then work your way up from there. It is amazing how strategically placed pops of color can change a neutral interior very quickly. Try putting out a bright emerald green ceramic bowl filled with fresh lemons, a green paisley throw on a sofa, a display of potted topiary plants in white urns on a fireplace mantel and/or a small Chinoiserie floral patterned green pillow on a desk chair or a colorful lamp, and you will see the wonders a bright color can add to a tired space. The luster from rich colors in your home during winter can pull you through the dull days of winter.

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