Will You Actually Buy and Wear Google Glasses?

Google Glass is here. We are one step closer to having Terminator vision, which I’m hoping will be contact lenses that everybody wears in the future that let’s you see like the T-1000.

But until then, it’s all about Google Glass, which is a very expensive pair of glasses that project a computer screen onto your eyeball. Want to take a picture? Just stare at whatever it is you are looking to take a picture of and say, “Okay glass, take a picture.”

It’s all very Star Trek-y.

But I really want to know what the fashion geniuses of the Hamptons are thinking. Is this something that you will go out in public with and wear? Would you let an employee wear them at work? After all, they could be working, or they could be filming you. Would you be comfortable with somebody staring at you wearing Google Glass knowing that they could be filming you or taking a picture? Will cops be cool with you wearing Google Glass when they pull you over? Will you wear them out to dinner? Would you buy them and never use them?

I don’t know how I feel about Google Glass. I want them. I think they are amazing, but every time I’ve ever bought a pair of sunglasses I’ve lost them in less than a month.

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