Winter Storm Nemo? NEMO? Come on, Man! Let’s Stop with the Wimpy Names!

Nemo…I just…I just can’t.

We have got to stop naming storms with wimpy names. The last one was Sandy and now the new storm that is supposed to hit us this weekend and cause an end to all mankind and demand that Washington send us $100 bagazillion-megatrillion-blippitybillion dollars so that we can all continue to just get by in this difficult life is upon us. Alright, don’t let me get on my soapbox over here, let’s just focus on the stupid names.

Nemo is a stupid name for a storm. Sandy is also a stupid name for a storm. I’m pretty sure that Disney is going to be angry about using Nemo as a name unless they are sponsoring this storm.

Can’t we come up with a better name? Can’t we name it something awesome and scary? I’m thinking Winter Storm Bloodkiller. Winter Storm Lucifer. Winter Storm T-1000. Winter Storm Hannible.

Don’t all of these sound better? I just can’t think of any real reason why we name storms after common or friendly sounding names. It just doesn’t make any sense.

I’d be much happier if it was Winter Storm Freddy Kruger that was going to ruin my weekend instead of Nemo.

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