A New Law in Canada that Makes Unmarried Couples Married Probably Wouldn’t Fly with Hamptons Sugar Daddies

We’ve all seen it out here in the Hamptons. Some well-to-do guy is “dating” some not-so-well-to-do girl for the last seven years. He gives her everything she could ever possibly want, he takes her all over the world, he pays for the house that they live in together…

But they ain’t married. And we all know why.

Well guess what fellas? The gravy train days of recycling young women in and out of your life every decade are over. At least in Canada anyway. And I bet you this law could quietly make its way into New York. Lawyers would have a field day with it.

The law took effect  in British Columbia Monday and turned thousands of unmarried couples into married couples, from a property perspective. It applies to anybody that has been in a relationship with somebody else and has lived with them for more than two years and/or (yes you read that right, “and/or”) has a child with them.

The law basically states that if a couple breaks up, either person can make a claim for 50 percent of the other person’s assets that were acquired during the relationship. Just like marriage, assets acquired prior to the relationship are not protected.

Oh my God, what a cluster @#[email protected] this would be here in New York. People stay together longer than this all the time and don’t get married because one of them doen’t want to lose half their assets in a divorce. I think that these days, you see a lot more relationships that last a long time with marriage not in the picture because people are terrified of STDs and don’t want a lot of partners as well.

Relax, all of you Hamptons Sugar Daddies out there that are “dating” the maid for the last five years, you’re in the clear. We’re not in British Columbia.

But it does make you think.

According to the National Post, the law was signed in response to the high number of common-law relationships growing in British Columbia. Between 2006 to 2011, marriage rates have increased three percent while the number of “long term dating relationships” increased 14 percent.

What can we expect from all of this?

Well, it sounds to me like a lot of sugar daddies will be moving out of British Columbia! Come on down to the Hamptons, fellas! You’ll find a lot of friends here!

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