Anybody Else Jealous of Courtney Ross’s Plan to Sail Around the World?

Sometimes writing about the rich makes me laugh out loud for the absurdity of their lives, and other times, it’s just so insanely awesome to be rich.

Courtney Sale Ross, the founder of the Ross School in East Hampton, proves the latter with her announcement that she is going to travel the world via private yacht. Mrs. Ross has a passion for exploring new cultures and is planning to enjoy the freedom of the sea and visit far and away lands all over the globe.

But what about the Ross School? How will she lead there? Well the answer lies in staying connected via technology. Mrs. Ross will attend to business at the Ross School by telecommuting from her yacht.

I hope she has some serious weapons aboard her yacht. There be pirates out there searching for people exactly like Mrs. Ross on the high seas.

Mrs. Ross is serious as as stone about being free from land. She is currently selling her Georgica Pond estate for $75 million.

And on that note…

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