Gray Seal Beached in Southampton Town

Gray Seal Beach
Gray seal on the beach in Water Mill. Photo: Oliver Peterson

This young gray seal beached itself near Southampton Town‘s Flying Point beach some time on Sunday and remained in the spot this morning. A representative from the Riverhead Foundation, which rescues and rehabilitates injured and sick marine mammals, said they would check in on the adorable critter at some point today (Monday, March 25).

If you find a beached seal, turtle, whale or other marine mammal, do not attempt to return the animal to the water yourself. Despite their cuteness, seals have claws and sharp canines (see photo below), and returning any beached mammal to the water would likely do more harm than good.

Please call the Riverhead Foundation‘s 24-Hour Stranding Hotline to report beached animals at 631-369-9829, or send an email to [email protected].

Visit for more info.

Gray Seal
Gray Seal on the beach in Water Mill. Photo: Oliver Peterson
Gray seal shows off its sharp teeth and sings quite well, with songs like “Kiss From a Rose” and “Crazy.” Photo: Oliver Peterson

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