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No-Fuss Eyelash Extensions for a Glowing Bride

I have a teenage nephew. A lot of things that he and his friends are interested in start with an “X” as in “Xtreme Sports.” Not me.

I’ve found my “X” at John Dillon Salon in SouthamptonXtreme Lashes, semi-permanent eyelash extensions. They’re a great way for brides to create their polished day-of look. Hmm…maybe hubby Everett and I will be renewing our vows soon… somewhere on the East End once the weather gets warmer…

But, I’m getting ahead of myself by raving about the fabulous results.

Here’s how the lashes came about: My facialist Angelina suggested that I give them a try. I hate having to apply makeup but quite like its effect—so why not? No more mascara, no more raccoon eyes.

Does it hurt?


Do I have to have them removed if I don’t keep up with them?


How long does it take?

Two hours initially, with shorter follow-up appointments.

Can I shower in them?


Can I swim in them?


Am I allergic to the glue?

Let’s see. (A day later.) Nope.

This brand of semi-permanent eyelash extensions offered at John Dillon was created by Jo Mousselli a few years ago. Elena at John Dillon has special training to apply the lashes and she’s been doing so for several years.

So I booked an appointment and lay down as if I was about to have a facial.

I discovered that Elena is compassionate and she has a fabu Brazilian accent and gentle hands.

The first thing Elena did was to put a little protector on each of my eyes, separating top lashes from bottom. It didn’t hurt at all; it just reminded me of those trays full of fluoride they put in your mouth when you’re a kid—except there was, of course, no icky fluoride goo. So I just lay back and let Elena do all the work for two hours. I daydreamed as the soothing music played.

Elena glued and glued and glued. Individual lashes are placed one after the other with a purple glue that’s invisible when the work is done. After all the gluing Elena spent quite a while perfecting my look, tweaking.

When I sat up I was given a hand mirror. Wow! Elena and Angelina said that I looked just like a doll but the adjective used most often to describe my new lashes was “glam.” Wow, they were a lot more glam than I am. I had to rush off to shop!

When I was a teenager I was told that I looked like Bette Davis. In my 20s I was told that I looked like Susan Sarandon. With these lashes—last month several people told me that I reminded them of Carole Lombard. Bring it!

I can’t wait for my first touch-up appointment. My lashes still look good but at first they’re so over-the-top, whoa. And yet they look like they’re really mine. It’s like glorious cheating. They’re weightless and maintenance-free in the morning. Elena said that I could put mascara on them if I wanted to—but that would be silly.

I wonder what’s next in beauty? No doubt someone at John Dillon will let me know.


John Dillon Salon, 16 Hill Street, Southampton.

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