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Stay Awhile: Greenport’s Harborfront Inn

Where to put out-of-town guests up for an East End Wedding Weekend?…I’d been curious about the Harborfront Inn at Greenport for awhile. It’s so tall and right there on Front Street with the water just behind it. It certainly looked like a nice place to stay from the outside. My husband and I aren’t really bed and breakfast kinda people. When we travel, we like everything to be easy and straightforward. The mom ‘n pop places, or “mom n’ cat” places aren’t for us—no emotional baggage mixed in with our regular baggage, please.

So for my husband’s birthday we made a reservation at the Harborfront and a reservation at First and South, one of Greenport’s hottest restaurants. It’s a short trip from our Sag Harbor home but quite removed in its way. Greenport is pretty quiet in the off season, just the way we like it.

We found Harborfront Operations Manager Jacqueline M. Dubé at the front desk friendly and helpful. Dubé says that she feels very much at home in Greenport because she’s originally from Southern Maine. She suggested we try having dinner at First and South. A good sign. Great minds…

We went up to our room, which we found very clean and well-appointed. What a fabulous view of the harbor! Nice shower, good sheets, separate beds, we were so set to get a good night’s sleep after a night on the town!

After a fine meal and fab cocktails at First and South we decided to take a long walk on our way back to the Harborfront. We ended up stopping at JB Liquor. We certainly didn’t need any drinks but we were fascinated that a liquor store was open after 8 p.m. in the winter. There we met and had a really nice chat with co-owner David Akcay. He told us he’d just bought the Arcade, a sort of five and dime in downtown Greenport and that he’s going to keep it just like it was when he was a kid. Cool, another reason to come back to Greenport. He insisted on giving my husband a bottle of whiskey and I promised to bring Akcay one of my famous apple pies the next time we’re in town.

Back at the hotel we were ready to settle in for a good night’s sleep but opted to watch some TV first. We decided not to have cable TV at home when our son was young and never had it reinstalled. We quite enjoyed getting caught up with modern pop culture and then we shut it off.

As we tried to doze off, it sounded like a party was going on in the room next door. So we called the front desk to address this. Dubé was very helpful and the racket quieted down for a bit, but then revved up again. Turned out it was one young woman over there who could not stop shouting to someone on Skype. It must have been terribly important.

Dubé agreed to move us to another room. She came up and we just moved right over to the room immediately next door, away from the Screamin’ Skyper, very efficient. Whew! It was very quiet there.

I’d definitely stay at the Harborfront Inn again and would feel confident putting up guests there. We hope to get back to Greenport again soon for more food fun and adventure.


The Harborfront Inn, 209 Front Street, Greenport,, 631-477-0707

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