I’m Terrified There Is Something Wrong With My Dog Sally. Anybody Else Have a Dog That Does This?

I took my dog Sally for a walk yesterday with my fiance and out of nowhere, my dog stops in the middle of the walk and then starts to gasp for her breath.

As a dog parent who has no idea what the heck is going on, this was terrifying.

We were walking in Southampton, and it hit me that my sister Maya in San Francisco knows a lot about dogs, so I figured I would pull out my phone and videotape Sally during one of her fits. Technology today is just so amazing.

I filmed Sally, then sent it to my sister, who got back to me with the following text. “My pug does this all the time. Don’t worry about it, there is probably just something stuck in her throat or she has a small trachea.”

So I feel a lot better. But still, I’m a little worried.

Does anybody else out there have a dog that does this? Is this something to worry about?!?!?!

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