The Latest Tech for an Ideal Man Cave

What’s the latest, greatest tech for a man cave?

When given the assignment to describe my dream man cave, my mind immediately began racing at the possibilities. Something in an actual cave, hidden by a waterfall, with some kind of super-computer and a closet full of disguises would be the best man cave possible. Then I realized that I hadn’t come up with the perfect man cave, I had just basically cribbed Batman’s Bat Cave. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a “man cave” it’s like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, only dedicated to the “manly” aspects of humanity, or, whatever the man who constructed the room finds awesome. What I would have in my man cave, dear reader, would almost certainly be different from your man cave.

Every good man cave should start with one eye-grabbing piece, with the rest of the room built around that item. Being a huge movie and video game nerd, I decided that the first luxury I would afford myself would be a nice flat-screen. Being something of a brand nerd, the 84-inch LG UltraHD has quickly become the television of my dreams. Having seen this beautiful piece of tech in action (the 3D actually looks solid), in the construction of my dream man cave, this TV should be the focal point for all things entertainment. The television itself uses tech that’s basically four times the current 1080 standard of high-definition broadcasting. Even though there isn’t a tremendous amount of 4K resolution programming yet, the television “upscales” high-definition content, making the image even sharper. Japan has plans to broadcast the 2014 World Cup in 4K, so, hopefully, the United States won’t be far behind in broadcasting such HD-quality events, as well. Oh, and the television costs
around $20,000.

We’ll move on to a glorious Blu-ray player. Fortunately, these have gotten incredibly inexpensive over the past couple years, so, I’d probably go with the best player from the company that developed Blu-ray tech, Sony. Using a PlayStation 3 would probably be the best option here. I’d rarely use the system for gaming, to be honest, it’d strictly be a Blu-ray player. For games, I’d have to go with an Xbox 360. We’re on the cusp of new systems, with Sony reportedly launching their PlayStation 4 this fall/winter, however; there’s still a little life in the Xbox 360, so, as a “gamer,” that system would find a home in my man cave.

In order to properly satiate the needs of those I’d have over to enjoy whatever 4K programming I could scrounge up (read: not much), I’d need a proper mini-fridge to provide libations for guests. I’m not the biggest fan of canned beer or canned beverages of any kind, so that remarkable mini-fridge that launches cans to lazy layabouts is out of the question. I suppose a glass door mini-fridge would be in order, that way I could keep track of my supply of Rolling Rock, Shock Top and whatever iced tea I happen to have in stock. Throw in a water fountain that squirts iced tea and I’ll be happy.

My latest addiction is cigar smoking. I’ve also taken a journey down the wine snob rabbit hole as of late. These two vices would force me to construct a walk-in humidor in the man cave, as well as an epic wine rack loaded with enough wine to suit any taste. I’m on a Beaujolais kick right now, for the record.

Because I’m a geek for the written word, I’d love bookshelves and magazine racks loaded with my favorite comics, mags and books. A Bret Easton Ellis shrine would be in order. Next to that, a collection of Alan Moore comics, including all 12 issues in the original 1986 run of Watchmen. Favorite film posters could line the walls, as well, The Dark Knight, Wall Street, Boyz ‘N The Hood, etc.

Maintaining my man cave wouldn’t be much work. Dusting would be required, as would an air filtration system for the cigar-smoking. Restocking of the mini-fridge is a must, purchasing new bottles of wine, etc. While I may go bankrupt in the construction of such a cave, it seems worth it to have my own little slice of heaven in my home.

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