Too Sexy For Saudi: Omar Borkan Al Gala Should Become a Hamptons Ralph Lauren Icon

“Hey girl, I’m Omar. I’m a poet, and I was also kicked out of my country for being too sexy, how you doing?”

I’m not sure whether to feel sorry for this guy or to envy him, but Omar Borkan Al Gala, who was kicked out of Saudi Arabia for being too sexy of a man after concerned government officials thought that he might drive women into sex crazed, Omar-loving-sex-beasts, just might fit right in here in the Hamptons.

First off, I could easily see this guy being a host at Namos in Southampton. Just saying. But if that doesn’t work out for him, I think that Ralph Lauren needs to pick this guy up and give him a modeling job and get him on a horse, and then have him dueling in a game of polo against Nacho Figueras.

I’d buy a Polo shirt for $75 bucks to see that happen.

Ralph Lauren is a smart guy, if he isn’t already on this idea I’d be surprised.

Which one does it for you more ladies?

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