Believe it or Not, Excellent Pizza Is Hidden Inside Dunkin’ Donuts in Southampton

The Staff of P&G Deli and Pizza, Rich Sada, Julecia Southerland, Thomas Smith, Mario Ayvaza
The Staff of P&G Deli and Pizza, Rich Sada, Julecia Southerland, Thomas Smith, Mario Ayvaza

If you’ve walked into the Dunkin’ Donuts in Southampton recently, the first thing that you smell isn’t coffee, it’s fresh, handmade, authentic Brooklyn pizza. That’s because a guy named Rich Saba, who is all old school and is the owner of P&G Deli and Pizza, has turned his half of the building into a place that’s creating a little pizza magic.

The building on County Road 39 that currently is home to the Dunkin’ Donuts and P&G Deli and Pizza has some interesting history to say the least. Many, many businesses have come and gone there. In my lifetime, that building has been home to Hiram’s HotdogsChock Full O’Nuts, The Greasy Spoon, Starbucks and today, a DunkinDonuts mixed in with another deli. It’s sort of an odd setup, but when it comes to this particular building, having two businesses crammed into a space that would be suitable for one, seems to make sense.

Mr. Saba has been making pizza for over 20 years and is always quick with a joke or a hello. He took over the deli that did not do well prior to him, even though Dunkin’ Donuts would have a line of people out the door looking to get a coffee. The old deli that was there was extremely cramped and the food was inconsistent, but Mr. Saba has since opened up the a lot of the areas that were blocked off, and then of course, the pizza is damn good. Now there’s a big line waiting for his pizza, as well as for coffee.

“All I’m doing over here is making good food at good prices and I figure that people will respond to that. It’s what I’ve always done and it’s what works,” Mr. Saba said, who I see pretty much every other day during the week to grab a quick slice…or four.

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