Hugh Jackman Sets Up Shop in the Hamptons

Hugh Jackman and Fat-Ass Fudge owner Donna McCue
Hugh Jackman and Fat-Ass Fudge owner Donna McCue, Photo Courtesy of Donna McCue

It was Memorial Day weekend, Sunday, May 26, 8:30 a.m., just a typical sunny day for a trip to the Southampton Farmers Market . . . well, that’s what new Hamptons visitor and global superstar Hugh Jackman may have been thinking, but what followed cast him as a laborer unloading boxes and setting up a tent and table there.

Fat Ass Fudge entrepreneur and President Donna McCue was running late, hurrying to set up her fudge stand when a charming man and good Samaritan, Jackman, offered to help unload her products and set up for the Southampton Farmers Market.

“I’m not so handy,” Jackman said, but later proved otherwise. McCue states, “He went beyond the call of duty, he is the kindest man and he is as good as he looks.”

First, the boxes, then the table, then the tent—he would have been there all morning, and McCue was so grateful for the help since her husband wasn’t available that day. Though Jackman jokingly suggested, “I usually get $7.50 an hour,” McCue offered the Wolverine star $15. Then she tried to pay him in Fat Ass peanut butter fudge and power bars, but ever the Hamptons helper, Jackman shoved money in her hands anyway. He even posed for pictures. Looks like McCue was beside herself!

It seems Jackman will fit right in with the Hamptons locals.

McCue jokes that the Fat Ass Fudge motto is “You’ll be back, my fudge is like crack!” She was also on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank last year. Fat Ass Fudge is available at the Sag Harbor, Bridgehampton, Southampton and Montauk Farmers’ Markets.

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