If You’re a Hamptons Boat Owner in a Panic to Get it Ready Before Memorial Day, I Feel Your Pain

I’m in a complete state of panic right now because an absolutely ridiculous amount of work needs to be done on my sailboat before Memorial Day weekend comes around, and I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one at my boatyard in East Hampton.

Everybody down at the marina is hustling. Guys are scraping the bottoms and rigging up sails, they are sanding, they are praying their engines will start and they are furnishing their teak rails. It’s crazy to see how many people wait until the last couple of weeks to get this work done.

So far, in the last week, I sanded the teak and tiller, ripped out the old non-working electrical system and replaced all lights with low-power-drawing LEDs, and I just installed a new rub rail, which was worth the effort but a huge pain. I’m currently in the process of fixing an ugly ding on the bow with some fiberglass, then I have to paint, then sand, then paint, then wash away all the loose grit that is EVERYWHERE. Then stick on the new registration and new lettering, and then finally get the damn thing in the water. To those of you who have the thousands of bucks to pay a professional to do all of this. I envy you.

In the end though, it will be worth it. Here’s a video of what the new finished rub rail looks like. I hate the damage on the bow!

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